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May 28, 2012
Posted: 1855 GMT

Dhaka (CNN) - Life in low-lying Dhaka can be a paradox. Flood waters rise up to a meter in the monsoon months, but there is an ongoing shortage of clean drinking water.

The Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) is working with WaterAid in some of the country’s biggest and most unsanitary slums to improve access to safe, legal drinking water connections, and build toilet units.

One of their success stories is the Uttar Kalshi slum. Practically an island, it has one entrance point and is surrounded on all sides by water. It is the first slum in the country to receive a legal water supply.

Beyond the slums, Dhaka suffers from polluted surface water, the result of effluent from the leather tanneries, garment industry and excess of pollution in the city.

Almost 90% of the water consumed in Dhaka comes from the city’s underground resources. But Dhaka is now running out of this water, with levels dropping by up to three meters a year.

DWASA is therefore turning to water treatment plants to make more use of the abundant, but heavily polluted, surface water.

So far, there is only one surface water treatment plant in Dhaka, which provides around 10% of the daily water demand. A second treatment plant in Saidabad is now being built with the help of Danish and French contractors. The plant should be fully functional by the end of the year.

The city is looking ahead, with additional plans in place for three more plants. The aim is to use 30% of underground water and 70% of surface water by 2021.

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May 9, 2011
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January 19, 2011
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January 13, 2011
Posted: 1648 GMT

By Ali Velshi

In a tragic new twist on "the gunshot heard around the world", the tragedy in Arizona has people around the world talking about the political tone in the U.S., how the U.S. deals with the mentally ill and, of course, guns. Much of the world still looks to the U.S. as a country which, strangely to some, affords it's citizens constitutional protection to be armed to the teeth. But how DO America's gun laws compare to those of other countries, and what effect have different gun laws had on crime?

In the first Q&A of the year, Richard Quest and I will take a different approach. We'll offer our thoughts on guns and laws. Then, instead of The Voice asking us questions, we'll tell each other – and you – what we've learned about gun laws around the world.

Tune in at 2:22p EST / 20:22 CET.

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January 5, 2011
Posted: 1559 GMT

What does it take to lead a company?

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December 30, 2010
Posted: 1142 GMT
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December 22, 2010
Posted: 1724 GMT

2010 was a whirlwind year for the world’s markets and economies.

Greece and Ireland suffered economic bailouts to avoid taking down the rest of Europe.

While Europe stumbled and the U.S. sputtered on the road to recovery, oil, gold and other commodities are back at record highs, fueled by growth in places like China, Brazil and India.

America’s banks were forced to halt or delay home foreclosures over shoddy paper work, prolonging the U.S. housing malaise, but mortgage rates hit record lows.

Globally, unemployment continues to fester, as workers everywhere wake up to changing labor needs in an increasingly inter-connected and automated global market place.

With stocks in the U.S. rallying to two-year highs and housing prices there perhaps stabilizing, could 2011 be the year it all starts to turn around?

Watch Quest and Ali duke it out over THEIR predictions for your money in 2011

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