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April 13, 2009
Posted: 1926 GMT

Tonight we reported on one family owned corner shop where the boss (Dad) had to fire one of the two workers (his sons!)because of the recession. It prompted us to inquire about what changes you are seeing in the high street where you live. Here are some of the tweets to @richardquest.

A Global View of the high street !

drwhoo@richardquest Everyone's complaining about recession.But I haven't noticed closed shops(nor unusual discounts)in Croatia.Cheers from BiL F&S

mimzkie@richardquest Let's help each other to help the world economy! Refrain from buying from big dept stores, buy from your trusted family shops

PunkiePixie@richardquest like the bro at The Corner Shop I lost my job as an admin asst at a manufacturing co my dad co-owns in CT, USA

jessicazeartist@richardquest .. some stores and restaurants that I used to go to no longer exist, or are just for sale – even in towns 30 mins away

AmandaEBurns@richardquest since being made redundant I've single handedly been supporting my local village shops – the florist, deli & pub are thriving

Ciphtal@richardquest no change here in Tehran

FundaTolan@richardquest One just open its doors and the other is closing.The one who just opened is closing too after a month or so.Circle effect...

karolihindriks@richardquest one tip for corner shops/cafes how to attract&keep customers during the recession-free wifi access. It works well in Estonia;)

jessicazeartist@richardquest .. some stores and restaurants that I used to go to no longer exist, or are just for sale – even in towns 30 mins away

winterwhitefox@richardquest The shops here are closing before they even open.

bessiec@richardquest In San Francisco five stores alone closed on my block since October, all locally owned family businesses. Can't get credit.

Whitstable_TwitRT'd Tweet: @richardquest our town (whitstable) is a TOTAL dump mostly all the shops have shut down!!!

derekhansen@richardquest there is a shopping mall in Milwaukee with a growing number of empty stores with more of them on thier way towards closing.

itumelengk@richardquest S Africa corner shops replaced by ubiquitous malls and petrol station convenient stores long ago. Mall roll out slowing down!

AnneBusch@richardquest No changes here in Brussels.Kinda hard 2 believe a country politically in distress AtLeast economically seems 2 function #qmb

martinpons@richardquest seeing it everywhere. lots of retail spaces for lease, shops opening and closing within a year, stores changing hours etc.

socknitter@richardquest Oh yeah! The most interesting, fun shops are going down. Very depressing. Only chains left, ugh!30 minutes ago from web

TZAN@richardquest I live next door to a shopping center that no longer has a food store or even dollar store. dry cleaners have it to themself

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Bill   April 13th, 2009 8:19 pm ET

Ha – I live in Buffalo NY and everything is closed!!!

Arun   April 14th, 2009 3:43 am ET

There doesn't seem to be any visible difference in India. They all seem o be doing okay. However the shift towards big dept stores & malls has been ON for a while now.

Ibrahim Halkano   April 14th, 2009 11:58 am ET

The financial crisis in africa in now full blown, but no media is reporting it yet!

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