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June 16, 2009
Posted: 712 GMT

We have entered the economic twilight zone – where all is not as it seems….and where one day’s good numbers can be a mirage to b e destroyed by the next day’s reality.

We always knew it would come to this – when we would be in that tricky economic area where things are still getting worse – but not as fast. It is like the skier going down the slope who is still descending but slowing down.

Some call it glimmers of hope. Others call it Green shoots – Here we have our QI Traffic lights – where the colour is the sign of what is going on.

We are now clear of the static red – when things were so grim that there was seemingly little hope.

And we have not yet hit that magic area of Green – whether it be weak – it still tells us things are getting better.

We are stuck. Right in the middle. Waiting. With signs suggesting neither one way or the other. Just waiting.

The economic twilight zone – it won’t last forever but that’s where we are today.

Are you in the Twilight zone? And how does it feel?

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Ramesh Gandhi   June 16th, 2009 9:56 am ET

You keep showing the case of a man in Atlanta with a wife and son who has lost his job as a marketing manager in 2008. He still lives in what might appear to most people in the developing world, (and I suspect to more and more people in the developed world too) quite a comfortable home, drives his own car and the whole family seems well fed.

This is only slightly different for the other unemployed person in the story, in Ireland, perhaps. The only diff seems to be that she takes the public transport, but lives in a decent home.

Since this story is broadcast on CNN International, it makes me wonder what exactly you want us to believe? That, people in the west, in spite of living without a job, can still afford to live as they always did? How might this come across to many of your viewers in the developing world whose major worry is the next meal, or care for a handicapped child or an elderly parent? Will these people have much sympathy for these unemployed poor people who must now make do with a simple sedan?

It sounds like the joke I heard when I was in primary school. When the teacher asked the students to write about a poor family, one little rich kid wrote "once upon a time there was a poor family. Everyone in the family was poor, all the servants who worked for the family, all the employees of the family's factory...".

If you really want to show how the recession is affecting people, perhaps you could show a really poor family, even from the US, one without a job, without a house etc.


Gail Ellis Duncan   June 16th, 2009 10:49 am ET

Yea buddy, it is rough and I know many who have lost their job. Us artist abroad feel it as well with folks wanting quality but do not want to pay. Yet, let us embrace change and help each other. Mind-set on positive life style changes and learning new skills. Open up trade schools and teach what is needed to obtain work. Have outings where people bring what they can and make second hand a trendy thing. There are many ways we can get through this and learn at the same time as well as bring people closer together. Most of all, can we wakeup and just be thankful for what we have for gratitude can bring energy for more to come. It is all in our attitude.

Carlos   June 16th, 2009 6:26 pm ET

and getting worst... with half the world seeking for a job, here they are: Employment scams on internet to take the rest of our dignity!
The most popular seems to be the Petronas Employment Scam, with job seekers losing some thousands.
Just wanted to share, as I also almost got caught on it!

Regards from Portugal,

Manuel Vilhena   June 24th, 2009 11:29 am ET

I believe that the feelings that people have in general are not good. People are frightened to lose their jobs and a lot have already lost it. It is a painful situation, I believe. Personally I do not have children to put food on the table yet, if I had I would probably fell completely angry.

A better balanced capitalism is needed with steadily growth instead of financial engineering.

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