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August 25, 2009
Posted: 846 GMT
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David kingsley   August 25th, 2009 9:51 am ET

The recession had a steep price. And after the recession,we are going to sit down & startin figurin out ways to pay dearly for it.

Peter Vaz   August 27th, 2009 4:57 am ET

Recession still lingers on Prof.Quest and the nations needs more free cash to bail out the depressions. The second bubble will begin when most of us will be on the road of discovery.Why is the administration not nominating everyday new Fed-up guys? atleast Mr.Dow Jones indexes will show some signs of recovery.Hope your next hop will be inside the federal reserve....try to touch some of the printed notes.We enjoys watching you out-doors sitting like us on the footpaths rather than studios.....keep streching out all those anchors like Maggie Lake, Suzan,Weathermen etc....and let the world know the horrors and suffering of ordinary jobless people on the streets...May your program soften the hearts of the CEO's and useless politicians to print more dollars.

Yavor   August 27th, 2009 6:07 pm ET

I am sure that crisis is the end. USA will be triple most strong and good of before crisis. America is most democracy country and this up will be help on many country and nations maiby on all world. Because when will manifacture and bild all person on the world early or late see this.

Afam   August 28th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

I think after this current global financial recession,the economy of most countries will be very strong&stable to face any intending crisis.We have seen Germany,France&Hong kong out of the recession.There's hope in the economy.

maurice breuer   August 31st, 2009 12:43 pm ET

personaly i dont think that there wil be a clean cut end to the crisis as it seems the instigators of the crisis are already thinking of returning to business as useal with fast buck bonusses and cutthroat management. under those conditions the only way to get the crisis over fast and clean is to let the next bail out big boy sack there compleet management staff as if the company had gone bust those guys are the root cause for the crisis so lety them pay the price instead of geting a golden parachute and going back to the club to brag about there severance pay.

Peter Vaz   September 2nd, 2009 9:38 am ET

We are in the middle of recession and depression and the nations will once again move forward for "STIMILIUS PACKAGES"....wait, watch and see until then on QMB.

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