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September 16, 2009
Posted: 1002 GMT
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requiredreading   September 16th, 2009 11:36 am ET

The recession may be over (or so they say), but there still remains work to do (whatever that means). I wonder if you would mind answering the following questions one way or another:
1. Since even last week's Economist points out that "bonuses are, for the most part, the symptom not the disease", do the G20 finance ministers really feel that tackling the bonus question is more important than talking about speculation, (ie the kind of speculation that so detrimentally affected the Iceland economy ( see GLOBAL AND REGIONAL APPROACHES TO TRADE AND FINANCE, UN 2007, p.18ff)?
2. What influence do the Basel regulations actually have?
3. A year ago Lehman was allowed to fail and was subsequently bought up by Barclay's. Even though the people working there may not be the same, since it is also an investment bank, isn't it simply the same institution with another name and another management? Because it it had truly "failed" completely, there would be nothing there now. Where is a "failure" different from a bail-out by another firm, from a take-over, from a bail-out by government? What difference is made in name and purpose when a company is bailed-out/ taken over/ selling shares to a foreign company, individual, or government? And does it make a difference in the actual every day business of the company?
Thanks for your informative show.

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