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November 2, 2010
Posted: 1601 GMT

BP is back to proft after the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

by Jim Boulden, Correspondent

I have just sauntered into BP global headquarters for the third quarter results press briefing. I walked right passed security, picked up my pass without showing ID, and now I sit in reception.

The time I was here was for Q2 results and this building was under siege.

From live trucks to top news anchors to protesters, to beefy security front and side, this building was surrounded. I couldn't get close to the front door.

Certainly the story has evolved and the media has largely moved on and there is an election in the USA today. When I was in America last week the BP stations I saw were busy; so much for a boycott. And no one I chatted to mentioned BP.

We will hear today the cost of the clean up and BP's plan for the future from new CEO Bob Dudley. A lesson perhaps to other companies that come under siege; a change at the top can be one of the key solutions to lowering the temperature on a story that takes on a life of its own.

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