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January 13, 2011
Posted: 1648 GMT

By Ali Velshi

In a tragic new twist on "the gunshot heard around the world", the tragedy in Arizona has people around the world talking about the political tone in the U.S., how the U.S. deals with the mentally ill and, of course, guns. Much of the world still looks to the U.S. as a country which, strangely to some, affords it's citizens constitutional protection to be armed to the teeth. But how DO America's gun laws compare to those of other countries, and what effect have different gun laws had on crime?

In the first Q&A of the year, Richard Quest and I will take a different approach. We'll offer our thoughts on guns and laws. Then, instead of The Voice asking us questions, we'll tell each other – and you – what we've learned about gun laws around the world.

Tune in at 2:22p EST / 20:22 CET.

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